May 30, 2020 1 min read

Roasting continues to go well after our Pivot to bagged coffee only, when food and drink stopped on March 16. We are following news closely to determine when those services can safely resume.

Coffee supply is generally reliable, but faces some new challenges. Farms in many Central American countries are choosing to hold their coffee in parchment until things stabilize. Many exports from Africa are facing significant delays.

In response we're going to do a mini-pivot, one that actually takes us back to our roots. As we grew, we sought to secure larger quantities of individual coffees, to ensure stability on our shelves. In the early days, somewhat like now, with less abilityabout supply or sales, we rotated coffees more frequently.

We're going to do that again, mostly because variety is the spice of life, and we lost sight of that a bit. Our Mad Cat Espresso will always remain stable, using carefully selected (and everchanging) seasonal coffees, and similarly, our Eureka (the Crowd Pleaser) and Night Cat Decaf.

Beyond these staples, we'll order shorter supplies and increase the rotation of the "wow" coffees that have always been at the top of our compatriot coffee geeks' shopping lists. We're cupping everything as it arrives and snap ordering the best available, so watch this space for fun new coffees.

- Graham & Monica

Not Monogram Coffee Calgary

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