Our Coffee


For us, specialty coffee is a fine balance of quality, personal relationships, research, dedication, and curiosity. It begins with thoughtfully sourced, quality green beans from farmers and growing regions. We take the time to understand how the coffee was grown, the terroir, and the processing methods applied. From there we roast each coffee with intentionality to bring out its unique character and voice. The final step, the brewing, is undertaken by our baristas who strive to preserve that voice, allowing our customers to experience the breadth of what coffee can be, but more importantly how it can make you feel.


At Monigram we offer a variety of seasonal coffees from Latin America, Africa, and abroad. These coffees fall into two categories: Core & Fringe.

Core represents our signature espresso and rich morning coffees, the tried and true crowd-pleasers.

Fringe represents those brighter coffees that spark curiosity and speak to the adventurous. Any and all available in 340g retail bags, whole bean or ground to suit.


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