Coffee - Core & Fringe Label System

Our Label Art System

At Monigram we offer a variety of seasonal coffees from Latin America, Africa, and abroad.
These coffees fall into two categories: Core & Fringe.



We have designed new labels that feature a fun labeling system so you know what coffee profile you might like best.


The full star represents coffees from our Core Collection. These coffees are the true crowd-pleasers and they are what's in our hoppers daily. They include our Madcat Espresso, Eureka, and Night Cat.


Next, we have the hollowed out star. Coffees with this star represent coffees from our Fringe Collection. Fringe coffee are the brighter coffees that spark curiosity and speak the the adventurous. They are also our rotating coffees, the ones that come in, make us happy then disappear from our collection, only to welcome another new exciting coffee. They include coffees like our Drama, Tolima, The Yirg, and more!


The colours of the stars represent the tasting notes of our coffees. The darkest colour represents more traditional notes like chocolate. The lighter the colour the more lighter, fruitier and floral it will be.


Together, the type of star and the colours of the star represent the coffees profile. From here, by looking at the star and the colours of the star on the coffee label, you will be able to tell if that coffee suits your personal coffee tasting profile.