Private Coffee Tasting and Cupping Workshop

Join the Monigram Coffee Team as we take you through the journey of coffee from seed-to-cup.
Be ready to drink a lot of coffee!


The workshop will start with an introduction to how the cup of coffee that you enjoy starts as a seed at a farm and the process of how it is picked, processed, roasted, and finally brewed.

We will teach you how to taste and how to score coffee.

We will cup several different coffees. We will explore different origins, roast levels, and tasting notes.

We will then explore different brewing methods. We will brew the same coffee in two different ways to show how each method produces a different cup quality.

Finally, we will wrap up with a Q&A session where we will make sure you have all the tools and knowledge you need to make excellent coffee at home.


This workshop includes:
An in-depth look into the Specialty Coffee Industry and how to taste coffee,
A copy of the SCA Taster’s Flavour Wheel,
A copy of the SCA Cupping Form,
An MCR Cupping Spoon,
An optional coffee sample box of three of your favourite coffees that we have cupped during the workshop


COVID-19 Protocols will be put into place to ensure the safety of you and our staff. We can host this workshop in-person in our education space or through a Live Video Session where we will send all the participants coffee samples that we will taste.


Fill out the form below, letting us know how many people you would like to attend, and a rough idea on when you would like us to host the workshop for your group and we will get back to you shortly with dates and pricing.


Get in touch with us and let's see what we can arrange: