Timemore Kettle - Youth Pink

This may just be the cutest, best pouring kettle on our site. We use others because sometimes we need to do larger batches, but for the under 600ml pour this should be the go to.

Pencil lead thin pours of precision. Great feel in your hand, and only as big as it needs to be.

Graham says: This is the perfect road warrior kettle. Compact, with perfect pours. Too small for an 8-cup Chemex, but otherwise? Sublime. Decant to this kettle to pour (use an ugly kettle for heating).

  • Stainless steel with triple layer Teflon exterior coating
  • 6mm spout diameter
  • Height: 138mm Base Diameter: 91mm
  • Bottom of kettle may scratch/discolour/deform if used on a stove