Hario Copper Pourover Kettle

This kettle is just so perfectly... well, kettle. Hario has made improvements to the iconic Buono kettle by widening the base and adjusting the spout to make it one of the most precise pour-over kettles available.

Graham says: In the V60-02 description I mentioned I start pretty much every day with a pourover. This is my go-to kettle. If you want to see "patina", come see the one that we've been beating on for 5 years at the shop.

With excellent thermal conductivity, the copper makes it both anti-bacterial and a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Full copper body that will develop a patina over time, with a brass handle, natural wood lid knob, and nickel plated interior, it's the kettle of your dreams.


    • Materials: Copper body with nickel plated interior, brass handle, natural wood lid holder
    • Compatible with direct flame heating surfaces
    • Practical Capacity: 800ml
    • Height: 145mm
    • Width: 290mm
    • Depth: 126mm
    • Made in Japan