Coffee Scale

Good coffee starts with a scale. When looking for a scale to offer to our customers, we were looking for accuracy, ease of use, and a built in timer! So here you have it! We like how this particular scale is made of tempered glass, has a touch screen, and how slick it looks on our coffee bar!

  • Using a scale has many advantages. Some are accuracy and consistency. Some roast levels have different densities. So if you were to have two different coffees (a lighter roast and a darker roast), then use a measuring cup (like a 1/2 cup scoop) to measure, then weigh each 1/2 cup of coffee, you will notice that the darker roasted coffee actually weighs less compared the lighter roasted coffee. So with that being said, if you were to brew a darker roasted coffee, you will need more that 1/2 a cup (more beans) compared to brewing a lighter roast.

    Same goes for weighing the water. It is hard to eyeball an exact amount every time you brew, therefore a scale aids in consistency across the board.