Monigram Coffee Roasters

The Cure - Monigram Coffee Cold Brew

Tasting Notes: Chocolate Covered Pomegranate

Our Shikaso Washed from Ethiopia is steeped for 22 hours in cold water which brings out the bright beautiful characteristics of this coffee

The bottle says it all:

For whatever may ail you, be it bad temper, impatience, laziness, or hangover.

This cold brew will cure anything.

- Graham

Our cold brew is ready-to-drink so no need to dilute it with water or milk although if desired, you definitely can.

You can purchase as singles, a 4-Pack, or a 6-Pack.

Bring your bottles back to the shop to save 25¢ per bottle off your next order.

Note: We are only delivering our cold brew to the KW / Cambridge Region or at our shop for pick up. Sadly, Cold Brew cannot be shipped.