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Hario Mini-Slim Pro Ceramic Burr Hand Grinder - Black

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  • The Hario Mini-Slim is more than just a futuristic looking Hand Coffee Grinder. It's so much more. The Hario Mini-Slim Pro is a redesign of the classic Slim Grinder with some key improvements. The new stainless steel body is more durable and a subtle groove and pin lock ensures you don't spill your grinds while you're grinding. The Mini-Slim Pro also has a new handle reminiscent of the handle on the Skerton Pro, sturdier, prettier, and more comfortable to hold. The Mini-Slim Pro retains the same compact size that made the Slim so perfect for travel and camping.

  • Graham says: Road Warrior Coffee? Check. Perfect capacity for a bold Aeropress, or single large pourovers. Have I traveled with it? Yes.

    Hario also upped the capacity from the Slim or Mini-Slim Plus.

  • The grind is fully adjustable via a locking nut on at the base of the burr (the bit that grinds the coffee), making it suitable for virtually any brew method, and coarseness is measured via clicks when turned.

    The burr set is kept more stable by a spring that sits on the shaft, leading to a more uniform grind.

    • Capacity: ~30g
    • Weight: 310g
    • Available in Black
    • The Burr section can be disassembled for washing
    • Materials:
      • Nylon Washer, Shaft cover, Inner Burr Holder and Grind Adjustment Knob
      • Polypropylene Inner hopper
      • Aluminum Diecast and Polypropylene Handle
      • Stainless Steel Spring, Shaft, Grind Adjustment Nut, Outer Hopper, and Bottle
      • Ceramic Burr Set
      • Transparent Lid with Silicone Rubber Lid Grip
      • Methacrylate Resin Lid
  • There may be surface marks, mechanical grinders may be been tested. Wear with time of using the grinder is normal.