First Kiss - Honduras Natural
First Kiss - Honduras Natural First Kiss - Honduras Natural
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Tasting notes: Sweet Candy aroma over Watermelon Bubblegum and Dry Cocoa

This is an interesting coffee. Natural process, of a wide swath of varieties, leading to a beautiful complexity.

One regular tasted a preview and said:

"What kind of wizardry is this?! Perhaps one of the most unique coffees I've had from you"

So, yeah, we're pretty stoked.

This farm group started experimenting with Natural process in 2014, and their success leads to a more profitable export, in a specialty niche. This coffee is patio dried in thin layers monitoring humidity closely.

Shade was initially provided by trees of multiple species, such as: ingas (guamas, pepeto, guanijiquil,) caliandra, and poró wood, but is starting to include hardwood trees such as mahogany, bitter and Indian cedar, gravileo, pine and sweetgum.


Our coffee is whole bean by default, but we can grind it for you. Just let us know how you brew in the notes section during checkout.