Dillon's Distillers Bitters

Dillon's Distillers is a small batch distillery located in Beamsville, Ontario.

Peter Dillon and Geoff Dillon chose the location of their distillery for its proximity to incredible ingredients. This has given Dillon’s the advantage of seeing farmers everyday who grow great ingredients in our backyard of which they have made readily available to us.

You can say that bitters are the salt and pepper of the cocktail world. Bitters are a flavoring extract made by macerating different ingredients—often dried botanicals that can range anywhere from fruit to bark—in a mixture of alcohol and water.

Add them to any mocktail or cocktail.

  • Sweet orange and bitter orange combine with local and exotic herbs including juniper, red peppercorns, verbena and many others to give a complex flavour profile that mixes well with gin and vodka-based drinks, and especially rye.


    Alcohol / Volume: 50%

    Base: Local Niagara Wine Grape

    Finishing: Botanicals & Local Fruit

    Distillers Notes: Intense Orange with Smoky Cardamom, Fennel & Verbena. Makes Your Old Fashioned Complete.