Daye Bensa - Ethiopia
Daye Bensa - Ethiopia Daye Bensa - Ethiopia
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Tasting notes: Blueberry, Honey, Vanilla Bean

The Stats:

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidama
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1950 M

Graham says: We are always on the hunt for a blueberry natural. After cupping dozens of samples, we have found a winner! This one is Sidama not Yirgacheffe, but it ticked all the right boxes.

"The Sidama region’s fertile soil lends rich nutrients and deep color to its coffee. Good weather means good coffee, and this year’s harvest of Ardi is bountiful and flavourful. Thanks to healthy rainfall during the growing Season."

To maintain natural shade and the fertility of the soil with consultancy of expertise from the ministry of agriculture various shade trees are planted in the farm.