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Dillon's Distillers Syrups

Dillon's Distillers is a small batch distillery located in Beamsville, Ontario.

Peter Dillon and Geoff Dillon chose the location of their distillery for its proximity to incredible ingredients. This has given Dillon’s the advantage of seeing farmers everyday who grow great ingredients in our backyard of which they have made readily available to us.

Cocktail and mocktail syrups crafted from the highest quality ingredients.

  • The most versatile cocktail and mocktail syrup made using organic cane sugar to help you create the most lovely cocktails.

    Try it in a classic Whisky Sour, or infuse it with your favourite fruits + herbs to make a flavoured syrup for your next signature cocktail or mocktail.

    *refrigerate after opening. Will keep for up to 3 months after opening. But we hope they won't last that long!