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I’m pleased to announce a limited release of a very unique coffee.



From Finca Un Regalo, in Nicaragua, Luis Alberto Balladarez is pushing coffee experimentation further every year.

He took the risk of planting SL-28 at his farm, and now that it has come to the age at which it can be harvested, he’s chosen to process it naturally.

SL-28 in generally unique to Kenya. Scott Labs,  hired by the Kenyan government in the 1930s to survey and catalog types of coffee which were best suited to commercial development there. Scott Labs collected data, assigned varieties specific numbers, and reported back that two strains, now called SL-28 and SL-34, were best bets.



SL-34 is often used for lower altitudes, but SL-28 is reserved for the high grounds. Un Regalo is over a mile above sea level, in the Mozone region.

I’ve never had a natural process SL-28. Everything out of Kenya is washed. The three words Natural, SL-28, Nicaragua, just haven’t made an appearance on the coffee scene. Truly unique. – Graham.