Cars and Coffee

Cars and Coffee will be back this Sunday. The last one was a blast.

Bring a sweet ride, and your cuppa joe (and some doughnuts) are on us.

Come without a car, and see what others arrived in. Rain or shine, we hope to see you.

Limited Release – SL-28 Natural from Nicaragua

I’m pleased to announce a limited release of a very unique coffee.

From Finca Un Regalo, in Nicaragua, Luis Alberto Balladarez is pushing coffee experimentation further every year.

He took the risk of planting SL-28 at his farm, and now that it has come to the age at which it can be harvested, he’s chosen to process it naturally.

SL-28 in generally unique to Kenya. Scott Labs,  hired by the Kenyan government in the 1930s to survey and catalog types of coffee which were best suited to commercial development there. Scott Labs collected data, assigned varieties specific numbers, and reported back that two strains, now called SL-28 and SL-34, were best bets.

SL-34 is often used for lower altitudes, but SL-28 is reserved for the high grounds. Un Regalo is over a mile above sea level, in the Mozone region.

I’ve never had a natural process SL-28. Everything out of Kenya is washed. The three words Natural, SL-28, Nicaragua, just haven’t made an appearance on the coffee scene. Truly unique. – Graham.

Coffee Workshop – a world of flavour


Sold out -we’ll get another scheduled soon

This first workshop will be an overview and guidance on the various flavours naturally occurring in the coffees we roast.

This isn’t dinner, but we’ll offer a few tiny nibbles to highlight and contrast the flavours in each profile.

Cups will be small, but refillable, so don’t worry about over-caffeination in the evening. We’re charging ticket prices to ensure interested people can reserve a seat (we’re limited to 10). A gift card redeemable on any beans or drinks will offset half the ticket cost.

New El Salvador – Apple Butter

Excitement here. Cupping a final roast profile on a new coffee, and this one is special.

It’s from El Salvador, but… it’s a Natural Process, so more interest is present than the origin alone would suggest.

Developed as part of the HiU Coffee Program this coffee comes from the farm (Finca) La Concordia.

It a Bourbon, and it’s a Natural Process, so the complexity is understandable. Here’s what we’re getting:

Starting: Floral aromas, with savoury notes of nutmeg over honey

First Sip: Sweet Red Apple, Hickory, smooth mouth feel

The Finish: Clean citrus, with hints of cranberry and and spiced cherry

As it cools: The sweetness develops, predominantly as honey, but with a broad spectrum of fruit tones

As this is a very limited release we’re packaging in 12 oz bags. This is roasted today, and will be available into the weekend.

New Espresso

A new espresso – Golden Arrow. After some careful experiments we have a blend we’re very proud of, and we’ve named it Golden Arrow.

This is a seriously smooth and sweet espresso, with a central note of apricots. Because of the central note, it holds well with milk too, and Misto Rubatos are stellar.

We’ll have this on the grinder for some time to come (we’re into successive roasts) and beyond enjoying a cup it’s available by the bag.