We bring in coffee from all over the world. Some is very directly traded, while some is certified direct. In all cases we’re sourcing ethically. That can cost a little more. We also source some of the best coffees out there. That can cost a little more too. All of that said, our prices have always been competitive with others that may not reach for these standards.

Profiling for us is the process of finding a way to roast that allows a bean to show off its best characteristics, and then to reliably repeat that roasting method on successive batches. A few coffees taste great as slightly dark roasts (which for us is generally a Full City roast, before the beans develop visible external oils) but many do better in light and medium roasts.

The key here is the freshness from the roast. Rich coffee, for some lovers of stale coffee, means dark roast. Fresh coffee is richer, in every roast level, and if we do it right, is less bitter at every roast level to boot (and perhaps downright sweet as well).

We’ve had questions about whether we offer coffee designated as Fair Trade, organic, Rain Forest Alliance, or other marks. Occasionally the farmer that produces our micro-lot will have one of these certifications, but we view that as marketing related to a wider market. Our coffees are handpicked, shade grown, and organically produced.

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