Best value coffee maker

America’s Test Kitchen suggests the Bonavita BV1800TH may be the best buy for an auto-drip maker.

We agree. Their review is a little scant on details, but hits the key points. It’s a shame they don’t test the Behmor Brazen, but it’s not as mainstream as the makers they’re advising for / against.

We sell the Bonavita unit. No it won’t fit in a stocking.

New Espresso

A new espresso – Golden Arrow. After some careful experiments we have a blend we’re very proud of, and we’ve named it Golden Arrow.

This is a seriously smooth and sweet espresso, with a central note of apricots. Because of the central note, it holds well with milk too, and Misto Rubatos are stellar.

We’ll have this on the grinder for some time to come (we’re into successive roasts) and beyond enjoying a cup it’s available by the bag.

Charity Photo Shoot – Portraiture Extraordinaire

We’re thrilled to post about a great event this Saturday (October 26th) in aid of “From Ainsley”.

“From Ainsley” supports the legacy of Ainsley Cooper for Toronto Sick Kids, and Bassem Photo will be offering a charity photo shoot in our upstairs. From Bassem’s blog:

“Their goal is to raise 365 toys – one toy representing each day of the year. Just as Ainsley was a gift to us all and gave us a true sense of joy for 109 days, these toys will do the same everyday for children who need them.”

Bassem has an amazing talent and portfolio of photography, and wants to take your picture on Saturday. The catch? Bring a toy and get a photo.

The details:

  1. The family photo drop-in session is on October 26, 2013 from 1pm-4pm. It is on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. One photo per toy. If you would like more than one photo, you just need to bring another toy
  3. All toys will go directly to “From Ainsley” to support patients of The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, ON.
  4. Please visit to see a guideline for the types of toys that can/can’t be donated.

You can read more about Ainsley’s bravery, her battles and the LOVE, HAPPINESS and JOY that surrounded her everyday at