Iced Tea – Don Quixote Style

Caffeine free, refreshing. Brewed Strong, served cold. Great thanks to Grand River Brewing for supplying us with some tools to make a very solid iced tea.

Don Quixote is an herbal tea with great strawberry and lemon tones. Rounded out with apples and oranges, rosehip and hibiscus, this is a winner without adding sugar. By the glass or bottle, in our place or yours.

New El Salvador – Apple Butter

Excitement here. Cupping a final roast profile on a new coffee, and this one is special.

It’s from El Salvador, but… it’s a Natural Process, so more interest is present than the origin alone would suggest.

Developed as part of the HiU Coffee Program this coffee comes from the farm (Finca) La Concordia.

It a Bourbon, and it’s a Natural Process, so the complexity is understandable. Here’s what we’re getting:

Starting: Floral aromas, with savoury notes of nutmeg over honey

First Sip: Sweet Red Apple, Hickory, smooth mouth feel

The Finish: Clean citrus, with hints of cranberry and and spiced cherry

As it cools: The sweetness develops, predominantly as honey, but with a broad spectrum of fruit tones

As this is a very limited release we’re packaging in 12 oz bags. This is roasted today, and will be available into the weekend.